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With this body of work, I aim to display a glorification of unconventional and often stigmatized female forms.


Through growing ages, I had to learn how to navigate my physical and mental self in a community that hyper-sexualized and objectified my body and those of other young womxn around me. These events continue to affect me and others working to find their place in their worlds. In societies that structurally and institutionally demand womxn to take up the least amount of space possible, I challenge these norms with large paintings. Additionally, my paintings are a rebuttal to the traditional European oil painting created for and in reference to the male gaze. I use oil paintings to oppose this idea and take back the power of the womxn.


Ultimately, these works are meant to encourage personal and collective healing. My paintings represent a journey to appreciation of the female body in its many forms, imperfections, and highlights. Furthermore, I hope my works will help birth radical self love that can only be monumental.

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