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My ceramic vessels are a reconciliation and rebuttal to the structures that oppress and stigmatize the bodies of women. These vessels are meant to abstract the human form while simultaneously emphasizing certain unconventionalities and “imperfections” such as varicose veins, warts, pimples, rugged skin, and fat. All pieces are thrown on the wheel or coil-built, joined together and later deformed in an almost cathartic manner. Each are unique in their own way and figured both naturally and by hand. The vessels assert beautiful presences individually, diverse and just as they are.

Additionally, I name each piece after women in the Bible, who may not have been fully appreciated by their cultures and environments, yet were valued by God. Some pieces are left unnamed just as many women have gone unrecognized for their roles in major historical movements such as in civil rights movements and even Christianity. I do this to assert the importance of women and marginalized groups in ministry through the eyes of God.

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