Imagem de Deus

Current Subject Matter

Through my art, I aim to display a glorification of unconventional female forms. Since the young age of eight, I have suffered body dysmorphia which caused me to develop unhealthy habits such as extensive dieting, HCG hormone shot treatments, and eventually anorexia. All because my body was different from the ideal. Although, I continue to struggle with thoughts of inadequacies, the work I create is a means of personal healing and learning to appreciate the female body in its many forms, imperfections, highlights, and ever-changing nature. Ultimately, my art aims to grow acceptance for self and others. 
On top of depicting the human form through representational means, I strive to emphasize the relationship between the body and natural/organic elements and forms. This juxtaposition is intended to highlight God’s hand in the creation of both as well as their validity of beauty. Moreover, I tend to use bright and enthusiastic colors to evoke joy and contentment. Primarily, I work with oil paint to capture the fleshy qualities of the body. When working sculpturally I use clay — referencing the story of creation in Genesis. Additionally, clay is able to mimic the human form like no other medium I can think of.